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Online bookstore opening soon.

July 9, 2019:  We would like to thank you for your patience during this short delay in opening the CCS online bookstore.  The good news is it is almost ready to open! We are ironing out some last minute details in order to provide our families with a quality bookstore.  As we are partnering with a new bookstore provider and Learning Management System (LMS), we want to make sure we are providing you with the best experience possible.  Although there is a delay with the opening, EdTech will still be offering “Free Shipping” on their products to those ordering within the first week of the bookstores opening.  Please watch your email for an upcoming announcement of the store's opening.

Capital Christian School has partnered with EdTech Software in an online book store to provide all of our texts, both digital and print. EdTech also partners with Amazon to help our parents find the best purchasing options for print books.

When the bookstore opens, please go to to order curriculum.

Additional instructions can be found in the following school letters:
Capital Christian High School
Capital Christian Middle School

In the event that you should need support or help when purchasing curriculum, please contact EdTech directly in one of two ways:

Call 1.855.EdTech5 (1.855.337.3245) , or Email Tech Support at