Message From The HS Attendance Office
Message From The HS Attendance Office

Regular and punctual attendance is essential for success in the classroom (Ed. code 48200). With promptness, a student demonstrates self-discipline and responsibility. Self-discipline in this area is not only important for proper academic achievement, but it is essential for the development of good habits which are characteristic of success and good citizenship in every walk of life.

Please remember that if your student is absent from school, you must e-mail or call the High School Office at 916-856-5611 option 1, by 8:30am on the day of their absence to clear their attendance for the day.

Please note that an unexcused absence must be cleared by a parent within 48 hours in order to be considered excused. Tardies for 0 period and 1st period must be cleared by a parent within 24 hours in order to be considered excused. Please refer to pages 21-24 of the student handbook for our attendance policy.

**Important for anyone participating in sports or extra curricular activities:

  1. All student shall be present in school ALL DAY on the day that he/she participate in extra/co-curricular activities. A student must also be in class ALL DAY following the day of competition. A student must arrive no later than 20 minutes after school started to be eligible to participate in that day's activities. The student will be permitted to miss classes only for the time allotted for the appointment and supported by a doctor's note. In the event of a family emergency, the parent will notify an administrator and a decision will be made as to the participation for the event. Participation in practice will follow the same guidelines.