Campus Safety Update

Dear Parents,

As of 3:30pm PST, our entire Capital Christian School and Church campus was given safety clearance by law enforcement, as there was no information found to confirm the threats were credible. The Pastor Rick Cole, CCS President, has prepared a statement for you that can be viewed by clicking here.

School will resume as per usual tomorrow, March 12.

In addition, our CCS Parent Meeting and Q&A is taking place on Thursday, March 14 at 7pm in the church sanctuary. You are encouraged to bring your questions and hear important information from our leadership. 

Please see the below email as a reference to the initial communication about today’s events.

Dr. Samuel Gordon,
CCS Superintendent



Dear Parents,

Today at approximately 11:30am PST, Capital Christian School and Capital Christian Center responded to an unconfirmed threat to our campus with a Stage 2 evacuation in cooperation with the local sheriff’s department. Each campus responded appropriately to our safety protocol.

The sheriff’s department is following a thorough investigation procedure to ensure our safety and have given us their clearance to re-enter our High School buildings.

After school pick up/sign out today will take place in front the High School Gym. Early Ed, Elementary, & Middle school students are asked to leave their belongings at school until tomorrow. All after-school activities taking place outside of the High School Building are canceled for today.

We will resume with our regular school schedule and activities tomorrow. Please note that normal early check-out procedures will still be enforced by all campuses. 

Dr. Samuel Gordon
CCS Superintendent

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