Spiritual Life

Capital Christian School is committed to strengthening our students’ relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is done in a clear manner that is reflected throughout our academic departments. Weekly Chapel services, along with a Bible curriculum, combine to focus on teaching the foundations of a strong spiritual walk. Our Spiritual Life Program is committed to doing these things with love, authenticity and biblical integrity.

Early Education

Early Education Spiritual Life
Capital Christian Early Education Center is committed to helping parents train their children in a nurturing, Christian environment. With this foundational approach to early education, several activities are planned into every week to provide an understanding of why we need Jesus in our lives. Daily prayer time, praise and worship music and singing, and family participation activities are all part of the experience at CCEEC. Weekly chapel takes place on Monday mornings at 9:00am, and is a great opportunity for children to hear stories from the Bible, to sing and to be encouraged in their faith. Families are invited to attend weekly chapels and to experience God along with their children. We believe children are never too young to hear about the love of God and the truth of His Word.

Sharing Christ Love Through Giving to our Community
At Capital Christian School, we believe reaching out into our community is not only helpful to the people we touch, but is also a strong character trait that we want our students to learn and to practice. This begins in at the earliest age in our school. Early Ed students have the opportunity to be a part of touching other lives through a variety of activities, including:

  • CCC and community Food Closet Drives
  • Alternative Pregnancy Resource Center “Baby Showers”
  • Equal Start school supply collection
  • “Pennies for Patients” (Leukemia/Lymphoma Society)
  • Collection of personal hygiene items for Teen Challenge Women’s Center
  • “Coats for Kids” (KXTV Channel 10 Coat Drive)
  • Christmas Art projects for area retirement homes

These efforts, along with others, give our children a chance to be part of reaching out to others in need and to connect with people while reflecting the heart of God.

Elementary School

Elementary School Spiritual Life

Capital Christian Elementary School is committed to a Discipleship Philosophy. Our number one goal for each student is to enter into a born-again, saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior.

We partner with parents to, "Train up a child in the way he should go." Our students work diligently to hide God's word in their hearts through Bible memorization each week.

Thursday afternoon chapels are the highlight of each week. Students come ready to worship and listen to the word of the Lord. We start each year with “Creation Week.” Spiritual Emphasis Week brings us three days of challenge and encouragement from a dynamic speaker. Throughout the rest of the year we have a variety of special speakers as well as student led worship and student led chapels.

Middle School

The spiritual heartbeat of Capital Christian Middle School is to provide an atmosphere for students to develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The desire of the administration, faculty and staff strive to a healthy, spiritual environment that communicates the love of Christ through a biblical worldview.


Middle School Chapel is a time set aside each Thursday morning for students, and staff, to come together to praise the Lord. Through chapels, students learn to apply God’s word and Christian principles to the everyday realities of their life. The worship is led by our very own middle school worship team and the chapel speakers include local pastors, staff members, and other Christian leaders with a passion to see this generation moved by the power and love of God.

Bible Classes

Here at CCMS, students will have the privilege of taking Bible class as one of their primary courses. In all three years of middle school, they will be taught that the Bible is the word of God and the foundational source of truth. Teachers will foster spiritual growth through the disciplines of study, Scripture memorization, and life application.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a special chapel time scheduled each semester to “break up the unplowed ground” and “to seek the Lord” (Hosea 10:12). These are times of spiritual renewal as well as time for the students to take a moment and focus their hearts and minds on the Lord. These two weeks are usually a major highlight of the school year, and an incredible time for both students and faculty to pursue God together.
Student Worship Team

The purpose of the CCMS Student Worship Team is to lead the middle school students and staff in worship and prayer at our weekly chapels. The team is made up of middle school students who are enrolled in the Bible Worship class. These students desire to grow in their Christian walk and to use their talents and abilities to honor the Lord through song, and to lead others in worship.

High School

Spiritual Life
CCHS is a place where students can experience God on many levels. There are opportunities to dig deep into scripture and to participate in small groups, chapel and prayer for each other. This is key to who we are as a school. Everything we do is based on God’s word and principles. We desire that students grow to love the Lord more each and every day. Our biblical Expected Schoolwide Learning Result (ESLR) states: A CCS graduate will demonstrate an understanding of biblical knowledge and truth with the purpose of developing a personal, defendable relationship with Jesus Christ, resulting in a Christian world view. Here at CCHS, as it states in our ESLR, it is crucial that students know what they believe and why they believe it. Teachers and staff begin the day with devotions and we as a school begin our day with a group prayer. See you at the Pole, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Chapel, Bible classes and student-led worship are all examples of opportunities the students have to grow deeper in the Lord.

Chapel at CCHS is weekly, beginning with worship that is student-led. A variety of speakers and programs are presented each week. Students participate in small groups facilitated by fellow students at certain times during the year. Students are often challenged to make spiritual decisions as they are prompted by the Spirit.

Bible Classes
The Bible Department at CCHS is taught by an active group of teachers who deeply desire to present curriculum that is student-focused and balanced with “meat” to provide the biblical knowledge, as per our ESLR, that is needed to help ground them in their faith. In recent years, CCHS moved from a grade-level driven scope and sequence to an interest-based, elective platform. Included in this offering is a Missions class that concludes with a trip to Jamaica. Students learn, with a real life reinforcement, what it means to be a missionary for our Lord.

Spiritual Emphasis Week
Two times a year, we have a Spiritual Emphasis Week at CCHS. For three days, students and staff participate in an awesome time of worship and challenge during chapel sessions. The speaker(s) focuses on a specific theme during the week. Students are often moved to make decisions or changes in their life that deeply impact their spiritual walk.

Student Worship Team
Our Dean of Students works weekly with a group of students who lead the chapel worship time. The team shares responsibility in both the vocal and instrumental areas. Songs are picked ahead of time so there is a theme of worship that is clearly planned to prepare students for the speaker or program. The team spends time in prayer for the worship experience and is excited to be an integral part of weekly chapel.