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Cougar Cafe

The Cougar Café cafeteria service offer nutritious and appealing food and beverages for purchase by students during lunch break and mid-morning break.

CCS contracts with Epicurean Group to operate the food service program. Epicurean specializes in providing fresh, delicious, natural and organic foods at reasonable prices. They also work with local farmers to obtain fresh, seasonal, organic produce, and fresh meat and fish, which provide the highest quality ingredients and food selections.

Beginning with our middle school, food service sales are made using a cashless system, MySchoolBucks. Families can review detailed records of all purchases, including their timing, prices and item descriptions, as well as updated account balances. Families can monitor how their money is spent and determine their students’ individual needs.

The MySchoolBucks system requires that students wishing to make purchases have a prepaid balance in his or her account in advance. Students use their PIN (student ID number) to purchase food. It is important to set up your account on-line and to monitor your student’s balance, purchases and recorded payments.

Families may choose from the following payment options:

  1. Online at, by credit card (small handling fee, $50 minimum, allow 24 hours)
  2. By cash, check or money order payable to CCS at the Elementary, MS or HS attendance offices.

You can log onto MySchoolBucks one week prior to school starting to set up the account for your child.

Other reference information :

Once school has started, it is important that you and/or your student regularly review your account’s activity and review purchases, payments, and account balances. If you have any questions about purchases on your student’s account, please send the details to the Chef Manager, John Montuya, by email, or school internal mail as follows:

Email – Chef John’s email is: or our Resident District Manager, Trang Chung at:
US Mail - School address – Attention: Epicurean
Internal Mail - Student or parent can give note addressed to Epicurean to the School office

John will then research the details and get back to you within 24-48 hours. In order for John to be able to research and resolve questions on purchases charged to your account, the details must be provided as described above within fourteen days of the purchase date.

Prepaid balances at the end of a school year are carried forward to the next school year for continuing students. Withdrawing or graduating students may request refunds for any unused balances in excess of $10.