Middle School

Capital Christian Middle School (CCMS) is dedicated to the goal of “Pursuing Excellence in Christ” through education that is based on a biblical foundation.

Our dedicated staff is committed to ministering to the needs of our students and families, being “student-centric” in everything we do. The focus is to help students succeed academically, athletically, artistically, spiritually and socially, all from the foundation of biblical truth. CCMS is excited about having an impact in the lives of young people, with a calling to equip the next generation to glorify God in all things.

Middle school prepares our students for the rigors of high school, while providing an atmosphere that ministers to the needs of this unique age group. We strive to create a caring, nurturing and compassionate atmosphere where students can grow.


Mr. Lee's Life Science classes participated in the annual egg drop assignment this week. Students tested their egg-protecting skills by constructing contraptions that would then be dropped from the sky by Mr. Lee. The students watched in anticipation as each container was dropped, inciting cheers from their classmates as unbroken eggs were revealed.

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